10 Steps to Manage Your Time Efficiently

It’s true that our everyday life is made of 24 hours, but this truth doesn’t mean that you have to feel discouraged because you don’t have “enough” time to do all the things that you like! You can actually learn how to manage your own time in a more productive way, so that you will find the necessary time to do more things every day.

Time management is the way you utilize your time focusing on your productivity. As you can see, the concept of time management is closely related to the idea of productivity. You can measure the results of the way you manage your time from what ytou can actually do within that time.

Get Ready To Change The Way You Manage Your Time

Your goal is to make the most of your 24-hour long day, which would give you a stronger happiness, more self-confidence and a completely positive attitude to life in general.

In fact, when you see that you can achieve more goals in the same amount of time, you feel immediately happy with yourself. So, it’s now time to see what can improve your life and give you the unique taste of happiness and success!

  1. Create a time table – it’s important to organize your time in advance, so you will know how much you can do of it. There are appropriate apps that you can download from the web or, if you prefer traditional means, you can take a paper and a pencil and draw your personal time table.

  2. Define your results – before to start an action or a daily task, know in advance what results you are actually looking for. Even in the workplace, determine your results, so your team members won’t waste time with useless actions.

  3. Time limits – if you want to boost your 24 hours, you need to cutoff all useless wastes of time. Now, you have to know that the most effective way to reduce wastes of time is to put time limits to your daily tasks or work tasks. Stay within your time limits and avoid all potential distractions, because they also are a dangerous cause of waste of time.

  4. Week planning – for many people planning the week on Sunday results to be a good strategy to fight against all possible wastes of time. In fact, between an action and the next one some waste of time might even occur. It’s fundamental for you to have a clear and precise week plan.

  5. Daily plan – along with a week plan you should consider to prepare also a day plan. Make your day plan the day before. There are also specific day planner that you can buy for this.time management

  6. Done list – it’s important that you feel satisfied with your time management. So, add a “done” list to your to-do list in your week plan. Every time that you will mark an action as “done”, you will immediately feel more self-confident and happier.

  7. Task priority – if you want to give each daily task the right weight and position in your time organization, it’s important that you give the most important and/or complicated tasks more priority than other tasks. Do most relevant tasks in the morning, as you are more focused and your mental energy allows you to work perfectly.

  8. Eliminate distractions – as said above, distractions aere dangerous elements in the time management. Every time that you get distracted by something or someone you are actually losing precious time. Have a look around yourself and see if you can eliminate distracting elements from your workplace or room.

  9. Multitask – many people think that they will save time if they can do more actions in the same time. Well, this is not always true. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that multitasking can reduce your quality standards. So, just organize your tasks one after one, without to feel in a hurry or to overdo things.

  10. Give yourself time! – this is our last tip for you. It’s important that you accept the idea to follow your own rhythm: don’t strive for perfection, just work and train your skills every day to improve over time. In fact, you can practice and improve every day like all poker players do.

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