Bill Gates on the Daily Show

This is a clip of Bill Gates appearance in the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last January 29, 2007. Gates’ appearances in this show and the Today Show got a lot of publicity. The Man was actually promoting Windows Vista on mainstream television, not the norm for a guy who has spent a lot of his life talking with geeks.

I just realized why I find Gates much more appealing than Steve Jobs. Jobs seem more like a salesman to me — someone who would always tell me how great his product is, & why I can’t survive without it.

In this clip, however, Gates was his usual nerdy self. And awww, don’t you just find nerds so endearing? I wanted to squeeze him real tight.

Great moments:

Jon: What does the F12 button do?
Bill: I’d stay away from that if I were you.
Jon: Does the F12 do something to someone else’s computer?
[insert Gates’ cute giggle here]

Jon: 5 million people downloaded it? (the beta version of Windows Vista)
Bill: That’s right.
Jon: In essence, have stolen it?
[insert Gates’ cute giggle here]

Jon: Can I have this? (Holding the Vista box)
Bill: You bet.
Jon: What if I don’t know how to use it?
Bill: Call me.
[insert Gates’ cute giggle here]

Jon: What’s your password? Is it Gates?
Bill: (laughs)
Jon: Do you have pets? Did you ever have a puppy when you were younger? What was the pet’s name?
Bill: That’s not my password
Jon: Damn, son of a gun!
[insert Gates’ cute giggle here]

Jon: Do you hire people that can outsmart the worm people?
Bill: Yah, 14-year-olds.
[insert Gates’ cute giggle here]

4 thoughts on “Bill Gates on the Daily Show”

  1. See, that\’s why Steve Jobs is infinitely superior. He doesn\’t have to giggle to hide his product\’s inadequacies. There\’s a reason a reason for that smugness. His products are cool and he damn well knows it.

  2. Sorry guys. That video clip is not available from Youtube anymore. Viacom (the \”mother\” of MTV and a bunch of other shows) ordered YouTube to remove all clips from their properties. Drat. Wished I saved that video. It was pricelsss.

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