Cleaning your LCD

Are you surrounded by #$@%#^$& colleagues who insist on touching your LCD just to make a point? Fingerprints are facts of life for LCD users all over the world. Fortunately, cleaning LCDs aren’t too bad. Actually, it’s quite painless. Read on.

The cloth

Lint-free cloths work best. Try to have a 2nd one in handy for wiping away streaks.

Most brand-new eyeglasses nowadays come with a free lint-free cloth. You can also purchase these supposedly premium cloths specifically made for LCDs. I bought a bunch of these, & couldn’t really tell much of a difference.

Please do not use paper towels.

The liquid

The nice surprise? Most LCD cleaners are just mixtures of isopropyl alcohol & water (1 part : 1 part).

Don’t use cleaners which contain ammonia, as they damage the LCD.

The application

Do not apply the liquid directly to the LCD. Rather, moisten the cloth with the liquid. Then use the moistened cloth to clean your screen.

Easy & cheap.

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