Coming soon: MoneySense

MoneySense is an upcoming magazine which focuses on personal finance, which is something my generation in particular is very interested in. (Ahhh, what to do with all my wealth ;-))

Plus, Heinz Bulos is one of the people behind it — a very good friend, my partner-in-crime (he was Batman, and I was Robin), and definitely one of the best writers/editors I’ve ever worked with. (Heinz, free issue naman dyan … )

Get your name in print in these small easy steps :) Here’s a call for submission:

We’re soon launching the country’s first personal finance magazine called MoneySense. One of our features is on cost-cutting tips. Hope you can share your tips and secrets on how to save money or cut costs. Choose from these categories: Home, Utilities, Food, Health, Transportation, Clothing, Kids, Entertainment, and Travel.

And if your tip is published, we will give you a free copy of the first issue!

This is what you need to include:

Full Name
Tip Category (Home, Utilities, Food, Health, Transportation, Clothing, Kids, Entertainment, or Travel)
Your Tip
Amount Saved

Please be as detailed as possible, including how much you were able to save. If you have these tried-and-tested tipid tips, send them to or Remember, if yours get picked, you get to help and share with other people. Plus, we’ll give you a copy of the premiere issue for free!


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