Developers say the funniest things

One of our QA’s job requirements is to make sure that the source code submitted by the programmers is “clean” – meaning, no hidden email addresses, personal copyright information, etc.

But I’m guessing some things are left overlooked – or simply just too hilarious to remove.

Computerworld recently published the funniest things they have discovered thru the Google Code Search.

Our favorites:

116: int_fast16_t reserved1;
/* Ask Bill Gates what this is all
about. */

47: /*
Very special greetings go out to Steve Jobs for creating a system
that doesn’t handle global construction correctly.

1629: I would like to digress at this point, and state that
I feel that George Bush is an incompetent fool.
Thank you.

5: module REXML
# God, I hate DTDs. I really do. Why this idiot standard still
# plagues us is beyond me.

967: the proper stuff.
Without this, it will choke
and try to use the memory handler
above, and fail miserably. That should
really be fixed. I beg you —
if you are reading this comment,
fix this :) */

103: * noise but I can’t find a better one within my wage slave
* cubicle and if I leave to record a good noise my boss might see me.

23: Though this is hardly GnomePixmap anymore :)
If you use this API in new applications, you will be strangled to death,
please use GtkImage, it’s much nicer and cooler and this just uses it anyway

/* The following functions are for internal use only! If you call them
directly, you will die a horrible, miserable, and painful death! */

48: ;;; I need to document the rest of these, but we just invaded Iraq
;;; so I’m going home. (Westy)

Oh, the things you’ll find in source code!

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