Evernote – Ever not pretty

Despite being one of the first users of the application, I still don’t know if Evernote is an app that I could ever fall in love with.

Evernote has everything I know I should be enthused about – it is cross platform, maximizes cloud technology, features automated syncing of notes across computers, etc.

However, even after numerous user interface revamps, there is still something I find horribly wrong & ugly with Evernote. True, there there have been improvements over the years, such as the removal of that horrible ribbon scrollbar. But still, Evernote has a long way to go in this new era of interface & usability design. Mock me if you will, but I need certain apps to be real pretty.

I’m also not comfortable with its roadmap for the premier version. $45/year seems like a steep price for a single feature which I found attractive, and which Google Docs gives for free: sending notes via email from my iPhone.

Sadly, however, this is the best we could get as of the moment.

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