Filed trademarks on Harry Potter — Hidden clues to Book Seven?

Now that the real title of the final Harry Potter book is out, let’s take a look at the other trademarks filed by Warner Brothers with the US Patent & Trademark Office.

A sneak peak of the contents of the final book, perhaps?

“Harry potter and the …”

  • Battle For Hogwarts
  • Chamber of Secrets
  • Curse of the Dementor
  • Death’s Head Plot
  • Goblet of Fire
  • Half-Blood Prince
  • Hallows of Hogwarts
  • Hogsmeade Tomb
  • Hogwarts Hallows
  • Mudblood Revolt
  • Order of the Phoenix
  • Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Quest of the Centaur
  • Realm of the Lion
  • Serpent Prince
  • Serpent’s Revenge
  • Shadow of the Serpent
  • Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Tower of Shadows

4 thoughts on “Filed trademarks on Harry Potter — Hidden clues to Book Seven?”

  1. so hallows is in hogwards. interesting.

    there was in interview with jk rowling before where she said that its good noone asked her about religion, because they would know how the book ends.

    now if you search for the meaning of hallows … it connotes to religion!

  2. Well, the \”Mudblood Revolt\” kinda got me wondering too. I can just imagine the Dursleys being in the forefont! :grin

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