Formatting once more

I mistakenly installed one of those codec packs a few months ago.

To those who don’t know what a codec pack is, it is a program which installs in your computer the common audio and video codecs. These codecs enable you watch highly compressed videos from your computer.

I am very fond of my collection of videos. If others have their mp3s playing in the background, I have my videos. They are a necessary evil, and the only bearable thing which can shut down the noise in the office.

And so I installed one of ’em. I found it too inconvenient to search, download, and install all the codecs I needed one at a time (although come to think of it, I only needed 3 to 5, as compared to the 50+ that the codec pack actually installed).

Things worked well for a while. After a week or two, I noticed that although I can play my new videos perfectly, I cannot play any of my old ones without experiencing a drastic decrease in performance. My PC would either play choppy video/audio, or would simply show some registry reference error.

Things got nasty when I couldn’t even play my DVDs properly. I decided to go online to get the advice of the online codec gurus. They voiced out my greatest fear: "Do a clean reinstall of Windows 2000, earthling."

They were right, and yet I decided to put it off. I do a lot of reports from home, and couldn’t afford not to have my PC within ready access. After all, I can live without buying new DVDs, right? And who cares if I don’t have my videos. Silence might be a good thing.

Weeks turned to months, and even my "bitter half" was getting tired of the I-better-format-my-computer-soon remarks. I found myself spending a lot of time surfing, and, gracious, finally approving those Friendster requests. Working from home wasn’t just the same anymore.

Yesterday, I snapped. My bitted half got a new DVD, and innocently asked if I wanted to see it.


May homepage ka ba?


Even after years of developing websites for money, fun, sheer boredom, or blackmail, I had no interest whatsover in putting up anything about me.

And for many reasons:

  • I’m naturally paranoid. Nothing scares me more than the words: “So you’re Chette.
  • I was (un)lucky enough to have friends who happen to be strong privacy advocates. Google revealed more than enough, thank you.
  • I’m obesessive compulsive (wonders of wonders, I finally admitted it). It took me weeks just to decide on the font face, color combination, and table width.

    I am still having nightmares that someone changed all my fonts and replaced them with Comic Sans.

  • I didn’t know where to start.

Coward no more:

  • Maybe it’s because of Friendster, where old friends have been leaving persistent messages, asking why “my website is down.”
  • Maybe I just want to jump in the bandwagon — after all, every Pepe, Pilar, and Procopio have his own blog or personal website nowadays.
  • Or maybe I just realized I have to get over this. (Sigh. I hate growing up.)

Without further ado, allow me to present to you

Ito na po. Gawa na po. And with all sincerity, I hope you enjoy your stay.