Decreasing the size of Firefox’s tabs

Firefox 2.0? Ho-hum. After all, how can such a great browser impress us further? But a spellchecker’s there, & that’s always good; and a feed reader, which unfortunately didn’t live up to the standards of Sage.

The scrolling tabs need some time to get used to. The tabs are also wider. This means that it only takes a few tabs to be open for it to start scrolling — not fun for the multi-tasker in you.

There is a way to decrease the size of the tabs, though:

  1. Enter the following in the address bar:

  2. Look for browser.tabs.tabminWidth & doubeclick it.

  • Enter desired size. The default is 100 pixels. You can set it to 80 or 90.

  • Disable PDF viewing in Firefox

    You’re happily surfing, and you realized too late that one of the URLs you’ve clicked was actually a PDF document. You hate it. It takes a long time to load, makes your browser hang, or confuses so much with the toolbars that you unknowingly close your browser.

    There is a way for you to disable in-browser viewing of PDF files. Instead of automatically opening the PDF document in your browser, you will be asked if you want to save the document in your computer instead. Definitely a much better alternative.

    1. In Firefox, open the Options window by going to Tools > Options from the menu.
    2. Select Download.

    3. Click the View & Edit Actions button. The Download Actions window will appear. In here, you will see a list of file extensions, and the “action” associated with it — meaning, for each of the file extension listed, there is a corresponding browser plug-in which will run the file extension.
    4. Select PDF, then click on the Change Action button.
    5. Then select Save them on my computer.
    6. Click OK.