Tips & techniques for ecig users, the opinionated version

These are the things I’ve learned since I’ve started using ecigs last June 2009.

This post doesn’t contain links to wikis, forums, product pages, research studies – all of which you could find thru Google, and all of which I have already laborously read.

This is for someone who simply need the basic information all in one page, written by someone who has used a total of 6 ecig models (classic & modded):

  • Choose a classic ecig model (510, 801, or 901). Then purchase a lot of atomizers for your chosen model. If you decide to use a battery mod in the future, at least you will already have the atomizers.
  • If you just got yourself a brand new ecig, get the atomizer and blow hard thru the bottom part (the part where it connects to the battery). This is to remove some of the primer liquid, which tastes horrible.
  • The batteries of brand new ecigs require a longer initial charge time. Read the instruction manual which came with your ecig.
  • Choose a model which has a manual battery – in which you have to press a button when inhaling. Manual batteries give a certain kick to the flavor,  and last longer than automatics.
  • If using a manual battery, press the button for 1 to 2 seconds before inhaling. Only if you desire a warmer & better flavor.
  • Have spare batteries!
  • It is sometimes cheaper to buy a new set of ecigs than buying the spare parts. Compare the price of a set of new ecig, with the battery & atomizers when purchased separately.
  • If you’re a “chain vaper,” you can get a car charger, portable charger, a battery mod, a USB passthru, and/or a Ksneington power pack.
  • Buy eliquids that are sold in bottles. You’ll spend less, and achieve the same or even better results as compared to pre-filled cartridges.
  • Purchase blank cartridges. They have fresh cotton filling, and you can fill these up yourself with eliquid.
  • Alternatively, try dripping instead of refilling the cartridges. This is my preferred method. Dripping is when you place 1 to 2 drops of eliquid directly on the atomizer.
  • If you drip, you can remove the cotton filling from the cartridge. It is easier to puff without the cotton.
  • It goes without saying that you don’t need to buy additional cartridges if you use the dripping method.
  • Dripping comes with a risk: 1 to 2 drops is key. Because if you flood the atomizer, vapor production will be reduced drastically. Some eliquid may also go to your mouth, & that tastes horrible. You will need to clean the atomizer.
  • If you feel that the vapor is too weak, clean or change the atomizer. It will make a big difference.
  • Atomizers are very important. Have spare ones. I cannot stress this highly enough. Atomizers are the ones you will need to clean and replace regularly.
  • Quick ways of cleaning the atomizer: Put the atomizer upside down on a table and leave overnight. Or put a tightly rolled tissue to absorb the excess eliquid.
  • Intensive cleaning of atomizer: Put alcohol & shake the atomizer, then put the atomizer under running water. Let dry overnight.
  • Refer to your ecig’s instruction manual on the best way to clean your atomizer. But the ones mentioned worked for me.
  • Don’t use a dry atomizer. Always put a drop or two of eliquid. You will break the atomizer if you use it totally dry.
  • Clean the contact points of the atomizer & battery regularly. You can use rubbing alcohol, tissue, and/or cotton buds.

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