Changing the text “Send an Email to this Contact” in the contact form

Note: This was written for Mambo 4.5.1a Stable

By default, the contact form of Mambo will display the contact information, then the text “Send an Email to this Contact,” followed by the actual email form.

To change the text “Send an Email to this Contact:”

  1. Download the file /Mambo/language/english.php to your computer.
  2. Open the downloaded english.php file in your favorite text editor.
    Note: It is highly recommended to backup this file before making any modifications.
  3. Look for the line containing the following text:

    DEFINE('_EMAIL_DESCRIPTION','Send an Email to this Contact:');
  4. Change the text Send an Email to this Contact to your desired text. Make sure that you only modify the text between the quotation marks (‘ ’). Leave the rest of the code intact.
    For example:

    DEFINE('_EMAIL_DESCRIPTION','Hey! Email me now!');

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