Reserving & registering your company name online thru SEC iRegister

SEC’s iRegister, among other things, allows you to reserve & register a company name online. Not that SEC actually needs it — the old-fashioned way is not a bad experience. SEC has one of the most efficient queuing systems, second to the MMDA.

To access iRegister, visit the SEC website, and go to Online Transactions > Reserve Company Name. You can also proceed directly to the iRegister website.

Ingenious is the system’s capability to check if your proposed company name is “valid”. This is a welcome feature for those who have gone thru the manual validity check.

iRegister automatically checks your proposed company name against:

  • Offensive words
  • Internationally known foreign corporations
  • Registered names
  • Reserved names
  • Company-owned words
  • Restricted words in accordance to existing laws

Some words of warning, though: When registering, make sure that you are ready to pay immediately. The system only gives 4 days to pay Reservation Fee.

And, make sure that you have access to their payment mechanisms. The biggest weakness of iRegister is their methods of payment. You can only pay via:

1. SEC Teller
2. UnionBank Teller
3. UnionBank Fund Transfer

It gets worse: There is only one SEC office in Metro Manila. And there is also only one UnionBank branch which can accept your payment — which is ironically located beside SEC.

All things considered, iRegister can still be considered an indispensable tool for the Filipino entrepreneur.

Stay tuned for an article on online company registrations.


28 thoughts on “Reserving & registering your company name online thru SEC iRegister”

  1. So online registration in sec iregister actually works? Im impressed! I thought at first it was just a \”press release.\” Go SEC!

  2. Hi mong, that\’s currently in the works. I will be enrolling in the BIR online services soon. I\’ll keep you guys informed on how it goes.

  3. I also did it before, and I can confirm that iSEC register works. SEC improved a lot when they offered this service. The lines are not that long, and its faster to process papers.

  4. Is iSECRegister really working? Once i key in “continue”, the message that appears is this!
    The page cannot be displayed
    The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.

  5. iSECregistering and reserving companies doesnt work at all…when u click the continue…it will not display the pag…OMG =(

    1. how can I EXTENDthe registration OF THE PROPOSED and already paid up registration (RRN)
      ??? can you please HELP me on this thanks

  6. It looks like a very nice and simple interface. I suppose I can only register US companies with it?

  7. Never use it. Why? Because the results are very strange they refuse many names which should not. Better off to go their and get the corporate name you really want.

    1. The site is inaccessible! I tried to go to the website with the following browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome and IE 7 and still won’t show up. I have tried desperately for the last 2 consecutive days to no avail. I just can’t believe that we have entrusted our money (taxpayer’s money) to purchase something that doesn’t work.

  8. I find hard accessing their online registration and I don’t feel appropriate to fall in line at SEC for 4 hrs then if your name fails your time is really wasted and go over again to step one..which is waiting again for a long time…mabagal talaga..I pray that their system in registration for business change for several years until now nothing change in their fact it getting worst. :((

  9. My husband’s association wants to register their retirees association with SEC to further mobilize their association and also to attract more members. Plead advise what requirements are needed because we are located in Tawi-Tawi. Thank you so much.

  10. If I will register a manufacturing company of uniforms or anything wearable owned by me and other 4 relatives on SEC, is it stock corporation or non stock corporation? Then what is the type on industry? please help.

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