Shorten a URL and find out how many clicked on it

Making URLs shorter have become very easy, thanks to services such as TinyURL, RubyURL, and urlTea.

dwarfURL is another one of those services – and more. It has become a personal favorite, mainly because it has the ability to track how many people actually clicked on your link.

For example, my dwarf URL is this:

I chose “password” as my password. To view how many people have actually visited this URL, I simply appended my password to the URL. Click on the link below to the click stats:

And of course, it has a quaint Firefox extension. Very handy for us Twitter users.

Dwarf it baby!

6 thoughts on “Shorten a URL and find out how many clicked on it”

  1. The click stats is a useful feature.

    I have a suggestion. Maybe the website of dawrfurl be easily understood like rubyurl and urltea. dwarfurl is better, I think, but it is not as simple as the others. There’s too much text.

  2. Check out allows you to choose a name (the prefix) for the URL. Thus the generated short URL does not look that cryptic. You can monitor accesses to the URL. Count accesses and have the origin of the visitor displayed on a Google Map.

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