Ultimate pet peeve in malls: Elevator Etiquette


So I’m in Megamall right now, on a WEEKEND (I know. Brave right?) and I’m reminded of my ultimate pet peeve in malls: People insist on using the elevators despite being obviously physically active and able to use the escalators … and even the stairs!

Even when I was a toddler and whining, my parents rarely allowed me to take the elevator. We were encouraged to walk and be active!

So here I am, pregnant, limping, and 5 noisy women in their late 20s, who have been laughing boisterously and taking selfies the entire time, tried to push me aside to they can get in the elevator.

I pointedly looked at the “give priority sign,” which made one of them to roll her eyes.

Okay. I know some people will hate me for saying this, but I don’t think having a 7-year old kid with you is an excuse to even get priority to use the elevator. Kids are active. Heck, they can even outrun you. Don’t use your kids as an excuse not to give way to someone on a wheelchair. I actually witnessed this *twice* today.

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