Voice recording ala Nokia

Voice recorders are indispensable tools in storing quick ideas, thoughts, todos, or even in reminding yourself where you parked your car.

But in these times of I-need-to-carry-another-gadget-like-I-need-a-hole-in-the-head, we need to utilize the gadgets we already have, particularly those which we usually never leave home without: our mobile phones.

I am pretty lucky to be a proud owner of various Nokia phones, as the series 60 editions already come with a built-in voice recorder. Operation is a no-brainer: press the joystick key to record, and press the same key again to stop. Ah, if only other mobile apps are as simple.

To make it really usable, it has to be easily accessible from your phone’s desktop. Depending on your phone model, this can usually be done by going to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Personalization > Standby mode > Active standby apps. (Yes, that’s a lot of clicking.) Then simply assign Voice Recorder to one of the shortcuts.

You might want to add Gallery to your Active standby apps too, as they are the easiest way to go thru all your sound clips.

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