Pet registration for Makati City residents

Makati City is now requiring the registration of pet dogs & cats of their residents. Last day of registration is on April 17, 2010.

At the bottom of this post are the scanned registration form & its attachments

You can get a copy of the forms from your barangay. If you live in a condo, your building admin would most probably have a few copies.

Requirements for registration

  • P100 registration fee per pet (for 2010 only)
  • Two photos of pet, side view, 4R size
  • Filled up registration form
  • Rabies vaccination, if unvaccinated
  • Certificate of Anti-Rabies Vaccination, if vaccinated by a private vet
  • Spaying/Neutering Certification, if spayed/neutered
  • Special permit from the City Animal Registrar for those with excess number of pets (in excess of 2 adult dogs and 3 adult cats)

Penalties for not registering

  • 1st offense: P1,000
  • 2nd offense: P1,500
  • 3rd offense: P2,000 and confiscation of the animal

Other notes & interesting bullets re the attachments

I am tempted to be quite skeptical about this, & briefly wondered if this is another bunch of paperwork to make it appear that the government is doing its job. And I did doubt its implementation.

But the pet owner in me can’t help but cross her fingers & hope for the best.

  • Each household in Makati City is only allowed a maximum of 2 adult dogs & 3 adult cats
  • The ordinances protect the pets (requires us to take care of them & prevent any form of cruelty) and other people from your pets (frequent barks, destruction of property, biting, etc.)
  • There is a penalty for walking the pet without a leash (P1,000)
  • There is a penalty for not displaying the dog/cat tag (P1,000). I’m assuming this is the tag that is to be issued by Makati City.
  • There are minimum size requirements for pets kept in kennels/cages
  • Registered animals have discount on laboratory fees, plus freee tick & worm treatment once a year
  • Dogs are not allowed to be traded for meat. And that’s now on paper.
  • There is an Animal Control Facility that is established or to be established. The attachment listed down the prices of lab fees. Dirt cheap!
  • There is a discount in some penalties if you submit your pet for neutering/spaying
  • Breeding of docs/cats for commerical processes is not allowed in the barangay of Bel-Air

The registration form & attachments

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  1. we have 5 chihuahua (no cats), some are mine and some are my sisters. Alam bo ba kung saan ako pupunta para sa City Animal Registrar?

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