Week 23 pregnancy update

  • Babies started kicking last September 11 (week 23, day 1). Surprised with how happy those kicks made me feel. I thought I would be just cool about it. Apparenly not.
  • Hmmm. Maybe I could also stop having my “secret ultrasounds.” You see, I do elective ultrasounds without my doctor’s permission, just so I could check how the babies are doing every week.

  • Had a Congenital Anomaly Scan in St. Luke’s Global City. Very unevenful. It was just like a regular ultrasound, only longer. Or maybe I had the wrong sonologist. (Always pretty wary of the capabilities of the in-house doctors of SLMC. They seem to know how to do their job, they’re just not amazing with it, you know?)
  • Anyway, according to the report, everything looks normal with the two babies — heart, lungs, etc.

  • I seem to have more energy. I can walk the dog now without running out of breath, and have more energy to go to the gym. However, I need to start watching my diet. Too much binge eating this week.
  • More people commenting how big I am. More people touching my belly. Sigh.
  • Going crazy again researching on cloth diapers, how to mix formula (just for emergencies), bedtime wear for humid climates, etc.