A belated goodbye

Two years ago, I took on a job in advertising … with fear & insecurity. I knew the creative mind that is required. And knowing the ultimate left brain that I am, I doubted until the minute I was signing the contract if they or I were making a terrible mistake.

At this point in this entry, I’m supposed to give a summary of what transpired in the last couple of years. But a paragraph or two just can’t give justice to the experience.

A month ago, I officially left that company, & I’m guessing, the industry. I wish I kept a journal or took more pictures during my stint. I would’ve loved to remember all the details, especially when I’ve already moved on to my next adventure.

It was one helluva ride. And the people are still terribly missed.

Til next time.

5 thoughts on “A belated goodbye”

  1. T’was more than 12 exhilarating years of advertising for me and I realized there’s much more to be learned outside. Good luck to you, my friend!

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