Brb from the Photo Gallery

Yes, I removed the link to the Photo Gallery section a few weeks ago. An upgrade didn’t go well, and work + school left very little time for any troubleshooting. I did this not realizing that someone would notice (and not knowing I actually have site visitors for that matter. Hehe.).

I will bring it back in the next few weeks — after my final exams. By then, I would have also upgraded to Joomla 1.0.8, which I have been delaying for months. And by then, I would also have also transferred servers, updated the styles in the CSS, removed outdated code, added new sections, updated my hairstyle, had my nails done, and started my diet.

Pasensya na po.

3 thoughts on “Brb from the Photo Gallery”

  1. Will you continue using menalto gallery or will you now use coppermine? What do you suggest? I am debating on what to use for my web site. Thanks.

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