The Dentist Monster

He’s my knight in shining armor — the guy who saves me from anything, alleviates my fears, brings me to the doctor, and basically makes everything all right. He can handle anything, anytime, anywhere.

Until he needed to go to the dentist.

Suddenly, he transformed to someone who could make the most imaginative excuses to cancel his dental appointments.

But pretty soon, this ingenious guy discovered for himself how to cope. He knew how to use technology to his advantage, and I saw him frequently visiting Dental Fear Central.

It probably worked because two months later, my knight is back, ready to carry me in his strong arms once again — with bright, shiny, white teeth.


Dental Fear Central

3 thoughts on “The Dentist Monster”

  1. A good tip: If you\’re man is scared of going to the dentist (they usually are), bring them to a dentist who specializes in kids. AND they get a free lollipop :)

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