Uzzap mo me? Smart Communications releases mobile instant messenger

Uzzap is Smart Communications’ answer to Globe’s now defunct IM Evrywhr. It is an instant messenger that you can run on your mobile phone.

Smart, however, was wise enough to include that one feature which will guarantee at least a couple of days traffic overload: Yahoo Messenger. Yes, ladies & gentlemen, it can hook up with your Yahoo Messenger account, the one IM that we Filipinos can’t seem to do without.

It also has built-in chatrooms, and can integrate with your MSN messenger account.

Uzzap also has a PC client, which enables you to use it from your PC. Why you would use the PC client when your computer already has a bloated Yahoo Messenger client is beyond me. But it’s there, available for download, just in case you suddenly start growing fond of your Uzzap ID, you weirdo you.

There is something amazing with Uzzap that you usually don’t find in other mobile messengers: SMS integration.

You can set up your Uzzap account so that all offline messages sent to your Uzzap ID are automatically forwarded to your mobile phone via SMS.

(Take note that I said Uzzap ID, not your Yahoo or MSN ID. Anything sent to your Yahoo or MSN ID while you are offline is Yahoo’s and Microsoft’s business. Commenters, you have been warned.)


Uzzap is free for the time being. This means no internet charges until further notice.

So go ahead and chat all you want, grab all the text mates you can find, and do us a favor and refrain from using text spelling.

Uzzap mo me?


You can download the Uzzap app from the Uzzap website. The best way to download it, however, is by sending a text message with the word UZZAP to 7272. This will automatically send you the download link to your phone.

This is a free download, and be thankful it is, because it is a whopping 915 kb file.

After installing the file, go to your list of apps, and click on the blurriest icon that you see. Now you’re ready to start Uzzaping.

Connect to your Yahoo & MSN accounts

To use Yahoo or MSN Messenger on Uzzap, go to the menu. Click on Instant Messaging (the one with the IM icon). Select Connect to Yahoo or Connect to MSN, enter your account details, and save. Your contacts should automatically be loaded into Uzzap.


If you’re having a hard time navigating your way around Uzzap, don’t fret: You are not alone.

To put it mildly, Uzzap is not the most user friendly app. It has redundant icons, an overload of textual instructions, menus in all the wrong places, and insists on using your last saved network connection (despite repeated attempts on setting it on manual).

But it’s Yahoo IM and SMS integration is enough to stifle the screams of frustration. Or at least for the time being.

395 thoughts on “Uzzap mo me? Smart Communications releases mobile instant messenger”

  1. gud eve!!!!!!!

    paturo namn kung panu maging moderator or kahit manlang yung code kung panu mang kick!!! :(

    sumu sobra na po kc ang mga flooders an dami pang bastos!!!!!!! >:(

    paki send namn po sa email na to!!!

    thanks po,,, if kung meron man…………

  2. HI:) clarification lang ang charges sa uzzap will apply sa sending ng EM/PM,WHISPER, and kapag nag create ka ng room whether user generated chatrooms or buddy group chat/PR yan kasi ang mga tinatawag nating Private rooms.. :D pero ang RECEIving ng em(PM),whisper,ym(PM) naman eh libre pa rin, pati ang PUBLIC CHATROOMS … at kapag gusto mo naman i avail ang service ng uzzap mag subscribe ka na sa mga unli packages for as low as 10php:) sulit na sulit db?

  3. magandang gabi kamusta mga dabergads and gentlemen and ladies ngaun dapat dumapit gabi kang magaalis
    habang kami po ay umiiwas sa mga paglalaban ko ito ngaun sa mga kabaitan umalis ka man sa aming kami parin inaalala mo haw.

  4. eow.. ask nman ng idea how 2 get d auto in out flood????.. wahaha.and how din mgkick?? pde?.. me.. glendz_18qt18. tnx..

  5. masaya na sana, kaya nga lang may bayad nah.,kafaet sa mga wlang pang-load tulad ko!!!.hahahuhu…. :) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) :P :-* :'(

  6. hello guyz just wanna ask kung paano ko uli magagamit ung uzzap ko sa pc…lagi kasing may nag aappear na uzzap-bin.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close…dati ko naman pong nagagamit ung nadownload kong uzzap…please help me guyz…

  7. maganda lang ng mag snatch… ng load yon doon sila magaling pag ang costumer naman ang humihingi ng tulong d naman na tulong like anong code ng pagkick. kahit xmass d pa rin nagbibigayan.

  8. hi guys! im currently working sa barko. ndi ko ma-getz kung pano gamitin to Uzzap… tinry ng gf ko na irgister ako then she tried to text me and i replied. thingking na free un or the most is 1 pesos lng charge; i found out na same roaming text rate pa din pala… pero un friend ko dito ngagamit nya yun unlitext from uzzap! how is that possible? may cgnal nmn kami everyday kahit nsa gitna kami ng dagat! pls shoot me a mail anybody who can help.. thanks!!

  9. i just want to ask question why i can not connect to uzzap lately…. gusto itanong kung is it possible na yung cellphone koang may problem… i mean the settings? please emal me the answer

  10. baka aman poh alam nyo kung panoh mgkaroon ng rum sa uzzap[i][/i][b][/b] kc poh kelangan namin ng own room,, anime resto poh ang name ng rum,, kung marunong poh kau, public room na anime resto poh need namen,, plsssssss/………. :) tnx

  11. hii.

    i just want know , if a contact of my list use uzzap, i see him just online or online on mobile device?
    thank you for the reply

  12. sabi nila hindi daw pwede gamitin ang uzzap ng nkaroaming ang #, pero sabi ng bf ko na nasa uae yung ksama nya daw dun ay nakaroaming ang # pero nagagamit daw ang uzzap…pano kaya yun…

  13. hi gud am po!!pano poh mkapgd/load ng uzzap d2 sa kuwait saka pano mre2gister ung no. nung ittxt m sa pinas….salamat poh

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