4th GSM mobile operator in the Philippines?

We have Smart Communications, Globe Telecom, and Sun Cellular. Yesterday, a little mosquito told me that a 4th GSM mobile operator is going to be rolled out in a few months here in the Philippines. Clue: It starts with the letter “C.”

No, that doesn’t stand for Chette. Although it will the greatest thing on the planet if it does. My name, after all, is ubercool. So cool that even my brothers mispronounce it.

15 thoughts on “4th GSM mobile operator in the Philippines?”

  1. Another nuisance telco company in the Philippines. Like Sun Cellular, it will attempt to disrupt the equilibrium and offer very low rates. But will lose in the end.

  2. I’m pretty sure this is Cure. It’s said to begin rolling out the infrastructure this yearn and go commercial operations by 2008.

  3. Hi Chette,
    CURE is not in stealth mode. In fact their CEO granted an interview sometime last year. [url]http://www.philippinebusiness.com.ph/archives/magazine/vol13-2006/13-4/ceoInterviews.htm[/url]

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