All I want for Christmas is …

As we get older, I end up buying more and more gifts, and receiving less and less. Being a certified adult, I’m not allowed to throw a tantrum anymore, so I end up buying these things myself.

However, for the benefit of the people who love me (I hope you’re reading this, hehe), allow me to be materialistic just for this day:

  1. Replacement for my Nokia Communicator 9210. Nope, not a Nokia Communicator 9500. It looks tempting with its built-in Wi-Fi and other bells and whistles, but I am getting sick of carrying such a large brick in my bag. More so when I have to take out the entire damn thing just to answer a call or read a text message.

    I miss the days when answering a call only entails reaching into my back pocket, and pushing a teeny weensy button.

    I’m still dilly-dallying, though: One, this phone has served me in many ways (heck, I even use this to draft my proposals and reports). And two, I still haven’t found a phone with all the features I need — a speaker phone, external memory, capability to save messages in the external memory, capability to sync with my Outlook, capability to read PDF files, create additional Inbox folders, etc.

    I’m seriously looking at some Sony Ericsson models. The Nokia phones for the past few months have been quite disappointing. Not only are the Nokia phones starting to look like plastic toys, they fail horribly in terms of usability (Just check out those circular keypads).

    In case you have any ideas for a phone for me, please do send me a message.


  2. Hard disk + external hard disk enclosure. I’m a backup freak, especially after a bad disk crash a few years ago. As of the moment, I have almost 120 gigabytes of data that needs to be backed up immediately.

    The external hard disk enclosure is germane to my personal backup strategy. Although I am blessed with having a central server in our own home, with the highly creative viruses going around, I would feel more secure if my backup data is not connected to our network. Talk about paranoia, huh?

    Sigh. I will probably end up purchasing this myself by January. Look at those peso bills with wings, flying away…

  3. Harddisk-based MP3 player. Fine, I admit I don’t really need it. It just looks so cute! :) :)

    I don’t think I would want an iPod, though. The iPod’s casing look a tad too sensitive. It also looks a little too, er, "feminine" for my taste.

    I imagine myself owning an iRiver or maybe a Creative — something which looks sturdy, can hook up with an external compact flash reader, and view photos. I don’t care much about the built-in FM radio (I would rather listen to AM radio, thank you very much), although the ability to record voice and watch videos will be a big plus. Oh, will DivX codec support be asking too much?

  4. Smaller digital camera. Thanks to my bitter half, I have great digital cameras at my disposal. I am eyeing some smaller ones though, especially since I spend a lot of time with my not-so-camera shy nephews and nieces.

    I know I will get a Canon, I know I will get a camera with video capabilities. Unfortunately, I also know how much they cost.

  5. Cabinets. I am an organizer freak. I constantly have to tolerate the raillery from my officemates whenever I see the servers’ casings detached, or the computer cables zigzagging across the office floor.

    The cabinets are for my room, though. I saw the perfect cabinet in Home Depot, and I can’t wait to get it and start arranging my cables, CPU, printers, hub, UPS, TV box, fax machine, 2-line phone, and other unidentified flying gadgets.

  6. The perfect shoulder bag. Despite what my relatives say, yes, I am still a girl deep (deep, deep down) inside. And yes, I also do want a nice shoulder bag.

    I get a lot of bags during the year — from Divisoria bags to the once-so-fashionable original Jelly Kelly ones — most of which I have either given away, or have not withstood the test of time.

    I can’t have a small bag, since I have a fondness of carrying my little gadgets with me, among other things. However, I can’t imagine myself carrying a humongous bag either — the kind which makes the mall security guards look suspiciously at you.

    Spacious, horizontal rectangular, black, and preferably in leather or a very nice canvas.

Merry Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is …”

  1. >I’m a backup freak, especially after
    >a bad disk crash a few years ago.

    Nagpapatawa ka naman o, Chette. Is there such a thing as a good disk crash? Of course it’s bad…hehehe.

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