An FPJ Kwismas?

"This Christmas is a time for grieving.
The Sad Christmas of 2004"

So goes the headlines, as written by people who are shallow enough to think that FPJ is the only loss experienced by Filipinos.

Christmas has always been both a time of celebrating and grieving, not because of the death of an actor turned politician, but because we remember the loss of our very own loved ones, which comes in full force on the very day that families are supposed to be together.

The people in the print media aren’t the only ones who have grossly underestimated us. For the past week, regular television programming (and regular news for that matter) had to give way to the hours-long coverage of the wake of FPJ, interviews with his friends in politics, and live testimonies from anonymous FPJ fans. Even my cousins, very much die-hard FPJ fans, felt saturated and gave cable TV a try.

Dear media, please give us a break. We’re more real than that.

6 thoughts on “An FPJ Kwismas?”

  1. nothing saturated about that I think by nature Filipinos are emotional so whats wrong with that, and times like that I think its better to keep comments like these (we\’re real than that) within us cos it makes the filipino look as though they are the one seeking attention. it is a fact that the media only seeks to sell stories, nothing can change that. And in times of death its best we understand the hurts rather than add

  2. all the channels were showing nothing but fpj. feeling ata nila, wala tayong gustong panoorin kundi yun. the newscasters were irritating too, giving undue reverence to a political candidate, whose only motive for running is to free erap estrada.

  3. HoY Rock, BiNoTo Mo SiGuRo Si FPJ Noh!!! ANG CHEAP MO!

    Keep comments to ourselves?!? Kapal ng muka mo, ikaw nga yung maraming comment dyan. The person who places a comment does not have a right to say to anyone to keep their comments to themselves. And seeking attention? Are you talking to yourself????? TaLk AbOuT cALLiNg ThE kEtTLe bLaCk!

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