Avoiding jet lag

It’s 448pm Philippine time. 1248am San Francisco time. I am inside the plane, en route to Manila. The lights are turned off, but here I am trying to stay awake. Or at least until 6pm Manila time.

It usually takes me 4 to 6 days to adjust to the timezone on the other side of the world, and this time, I vowed to conquer jet lag once and for all. There were already too many trips that could’ve been more fruitful if I had immediately adapted to the timezone.

I decided it’s easier to avoid jet lag than to cure it. So here I am, trying to adjust to my destination’s timezone as soon as I got on on the plane. I am awake, while the rest of the passengers have already reclined their seats to sleep.

Let’s hope this works.

Update: I highly recommend this. It worked perfectly!

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